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Getting started with the NHS App

The NHS App provides a simple and secure way for you to access a range of NHS services on your smartphone or tablet.

Download the NHS app to a compatible iOS or Android device to get started.

To access your NHS services, you’ll need to set up an NHS login if you don't already have one.

You can also access your NHS services using the NHS website.


NHS App features

NHS App features may vary between GP Practices. If you are GP at Hand patient, in addition to the services you can access via the Babylon App you can also:

  • View and download your NHS COVID Pass for travel abroad
  • Manage your first hospital or clinic appointment with a specialist, when referred by your GP, through the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS)
  • Access test results


Accessing your GP health record

A summary care record is an electronic record of important patient information, created from GP medical records, such as current medication and allergies.

To access your summary care record you will be asked to prove who you are and to provide a linkage key, ODS code and Account ID.

If you are registered with GP at Hand but haven’t got your linkage key (also known as passphrase), ODS code and Account ID, please contact our support team and request it.

Without summary care record access you can:

  • View and download your NHS COVID Pass for places in England and Wales using NHS service
  • Get advice about coronavirus
  • Search conditions and treatments
  • Use NHS 111 online

You should use the Babylon App to manage your appointments.


Requesting access to more information in your record

Detailed coded record access allows you to have more detailed information in your record, such as your test results and immunisations.

If you have access to your Summary Care Records only, you’ll see a message on your GP health record advising you to contact your GP surgery.


To request access to your detailed coded record, contact our Support Team. We aim to process access requests within 30 days but it can take longer if we require further information from you in order to verify your request.


Viewing your COVID vaccination record

An NHS COVID Pass shows your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination details or test results. This is your COVID-19 status. You can get an NHS COVID Pass digitally through the NHS App or the online NHS COVID Pass service. You need to prove who you are to have full access to your COVID vaccination record.

Find out how to view your NHS Covid Pass.


Help with the NHS App

NHS login support

For account set up or technical problems with NHS login, you can find support in the NHS login help centre.

Incorrect information on your GP Health Record

If the information in your GP health record is incorrect, such as your address, please contact our support team.

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