Why has my appointment changed to a different clinician?

We carry out triage on all appointments to help you speak to the most appropriate person based on your needs. 

The aim of triage is to identify whether a different person may be more appropriate to deal with your  concern. As a result, your appointment may need to be rebooked and we aim to rebook it at the same time as your original booking or no more than 30 minutes before or after the original time.

If this happens, we'll send you a text message in advance to let you know.

If you are unable to make the new appointment, you can change your appointment in the Babylon app but we would encourage you to book with the recommended clinician.

To cancel your appointment in the Babylon app, select the appointment you'd like to cancel in the Upcoming appointments section in the Care tab. The Cancel appointment option is at the bottom of the appointment detail screen.

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