If you’re running late for your appointment

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Phone/ video appointments

If you're running late or you can’t make your appointment time, you can cancel your appointment and rebook for another time.

You can cancel your appointment in the Babylon app. Select the appointment you'd like to cancel in the Upcoming appointments section in the Appointments tab. The Cancel appointment option is at the bottom of the appointment detail screen. 


Face-to-face appointments

Arriving after your appointment slot

If you arrive after your appointment slot, you have missed your appointment. We’ll try to find you an alternative appointment time the same day but you will need to re-book if we are unable to find one.

If you need a new appointment invite, please contact our support team and they’ll send this to you.

Arriving during your appointment slot

You may still be seen at the discretion of the clinician. You may be asked to re-book if the matter cannot be addressed in the remaining appointment time. Please speak to one of our receptionists when you arrive for your appointment.

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