Stop receiving cervical screenings invites

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Women aged 25 to 64 automatically get invited to cervical screenings (also known as 'smear tests'). Regular screenings greatly lower the risk of getting cervical cancer.

You can decide if you want to get screening invites and reminders or not. If you don’t want to get invites and reminders, you can opt-out of the NHS cervical screening programme.


Before you opt-out 

Cervical screenings lower the chances of you getting cervical cancer. In England, cervical screenings currently prevent 70% cervical cancer deaths. If you’re thinking of opting-out, book an appointment with one of our nurses to talk through your concerns.

To help you decide, read more about the benefits of cervical screenings


How to opt-out 

You’ll need to download, fill out and sign our cervical screening opt-out letter template (PDF).

Send us your signed letter using our online contact form, with the subject line ‘cervical screening opt-out’. 

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to confirm we have removed your name from the cervical screening invite list.

If you can’t send us your signed letter online, call our support team on 0330 303 8000.


After you opt-out

You will not get reminders or invites for cervical screenings. You can opt-in again at any time by contacting our support team.

To protect you from cervical cancer, we recommend you have regular screenings even if you opt-out. You can book cervical screenings at private clinics across the UK and in other countries, if you’re moving abroad.

GOV.UK has more information on opting-out of cervical screenings.


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