What our clinicians can do

GP at Hand is a complete NHS GP practice. Our team includes all of the clinicians you would see in a typical NHS practice.

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Our GPs are the same as any other NHS GP. They can examine and diagnose common illnesses and long-term conditions. If needed, they will:   

  • Prescribe you medication 
  • Refer you to a specialist 
  • Issue you a sick note

It’s best to book with a GP if:

  • You’re pregnant 
  • You’re booking for a child under 5
  • You have a lot of unrelated symptoms

Advanced Nurse Practitioners 

Our advanced nurse practitioners have extensive experience and can examine and diagnose most common illnesses and long-term conditions the same as a GP. If needed, they can also:

  • Prescribe you medication
  • Refer you to a specialist


Our pharmacists ensure safe and high quality prescribing practices and can diagnose minor illnesses such as coughs, colds and stomach trouble.

They can also:

  • Give you medication advice 
  • Prescribe you medication 
  • Prescribe emergency contraception 
  • Give you advice on already diagnosed conditions like asthma


Our physiotherapists work the same way as any other physiotherapists in a face-to-face setting. They can diagnose and treat a wide range of  muscle, joint and bone problems, and aches and pains.

They can also:

  • Give advice and prescribe you exercises  
  • Refer you to a specialist

In order to give you the best advice, physiotherapy appointments are video only.

Travel Health Nurses

Our travel health nurses can give you advice and recommendations for travelling abroad. You must have a digital consultation with a travel health nurse before you can attend a clinic for any vaccines. They can:

  • Assess your travel health needs
  • Provide travel health advice and vaccinations recommendations
  • Check for missing doses of routine NHS vaccines

Currently, we only offer NHS travel vaccines for:

  • Cholera 
  • Hepatitis A 
  • Tetanus (includes diphtheria and polio)
  • Typhoid

Try to book at least 8 weeks before you travel so you have enough time for any recommended vaccines.

Diabetes Specialist Nurses

Our diabetic specialist nurses are highly skilled healthcare practitioners in diabetes care who provide holistic patient-centred care to both, type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients.

They can:

  • Prescribe you medication
  • Refer you to appropriate services
  • Coordinate and help manage the care of diabetes
  • Provide information about diabetes self-management education courses

Mental Health Practitioners

Our mental health practitioners are registered mental health nurses and are able to assess and provide advice for a wide range of mental health conditions from anxiety, depression, ADHD, ASD and serious mental illness such as psychosis, Bipolar and Schizophrenia.

They can:

  • Provide self-help advice and management for conditions
  • Complete assessments for specialist referrals
  • Refer you to appropriate services
  • Provide short interim support for those waiting for secondary care providers
  • Support those in mental health crisis
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