Referring yourself for specialist care (self-referrals)

You don’t need to see a GP to access some specialist services. 

How to refer yourself

Depending on where you live, you can refer yourself for:

If you are registered in London, you can also refer yourself for pregnancy services.


Contact the service or visit their website for details on how to refer yourself.

You’ll need to give the name and registered address of your GP. You can find this in the Babylon app:

  • Open Babylon
  • Tap Me icon (thul-F40178F8-2F87-40A1-B22EAB730AB3301B.jpg) on the Home screen
  • Select Your GP

Otherwise, you can find it at our Help Centre.


Problems with self-referrals

Some self-referral services may not accept GP at Hand patients.

If you have a problem with a self-referral, contact our support team.

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