When will my medication be ready to collect?

Short-term prescriptions

Short-term prescriptions for things such as antibiotics are sent electronically to your chosen pharmacy. If your medication is in stock (we recommend calling your pharmacy to check before), you should be able to collect it on the same day as your appointment.

Sometimes, prescriptions for controlled drugs such as morphine or methadone require a face-to-face appointment before they can be issued. If this is the case, your clinician will send your prescription to the pharmacy electronically during your appointment.

Once you have a physical copy of your prescription, you can head to any pharmacy to collect your medication, although we advise calling the pharmacy in advance to check if it's in stock.


Repeat prescriptions

If you're reordering medication from a repeat prescription, our GPs or prescribing pharmacists need to carry out some additional checks, so please allow up to 3 working days from placing your order until your medication is ready to collect.

If you need a prescription earlier than 3 working days, please call our support team on 0330 303 8000 and we'll do our best to help you.

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