Changing your nominated pharmacy

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One-off prescriptions

Your pharmacy will be nominated during your consultation. This may be a pharmacy you have nominated before or one you have asked to collect from.

To change the pharmacy you want to collect your one-off prescription from, contact our support team. They will need the name and address of the alternative pharmacy.



Repeat prescriptions

For repeat prescriptions you may be able to change your nominated pharmacy in the Babylon app:

  1. Open Babylon.
  2. Go to Me, then Repeat prescriptions.
  3. Select the medication and tap Next.
  4. Tap Change pharmacy.


If you are unable to change it in the app, email with:

  • Your Full name, D.O.B., and address
  • The medication you are requesting
  • A screenshot of the Repeat prescription page in the app
  • Which version of the app you have

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