How prescriptions work

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How to get a prescription

Our GP at Hand clinicians can prescribe medication in line with national guidelines where appropriate.

During your appointment your clinician will discuss with you what medication can be prescribed. They may decide you need a face-to-face appointment before prescribing any medication. Your clinician will discuss this with and send you an invite to book an appointment if required.

Your clinician will also ask you to choose a pharmacy in England to send the medication to. We’ll send your prescription electronically to them for you to collect. Read how to get a prescription fulfilled in a different city.

You’ll need to pay for your prescription unless you’re entitled to free NHS prescriptions.


Repeat prescriptions

A repeat prescription may be issued if a clinician has given permission for future prescriptions of the medication to be issued without making another appointment.

You can order repeat prescriptions and choose your pharmacy in the Babylon app:

  1. Open Babylon.
  2. Go to Me then Repeat prescriptions.
  3. Select the medication and tap Next.
  4. Tap Change pharmacy.


Private prescriptions

GP at Hand clinicians may issue private prescriptions for certain medications that are not available on the NHS.

Private prescriptions are sent by fax and then posted to the pharmacy of your choice. If your appointment is on a weekday this will usually be the same/ next day. At weekends, this will be sent the next working day.

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