Who owns the data you store about me?

You do, plain and simple. Not Babylon GP at hand, not Babylon.

There are some things we need to do with your data to make sure the service we provide to you is both high quality and delivered in accordance with the law. A GP having a consultation with you needs to be able to see your record, for example. We may also retain your data for medical regulatory purposes, as legally required. On a fully anonymised basis, we may use the data for research purposes and to improve the services we deliver to all patients. For further details, please read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy in full. 

There are important principles governing how data is protected and shared in order to deliver an effective and safe healthcare service. We may need to pass patient data on, such as to another NHS practice, in order to deliver our services. Please rest assured that our use of data is always subject to applicable data protection legislation, and our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy are of course fully compliant with such legislation.


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