How your appointment will start

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The clinician will call you to start your consultation. Please allow a few minutes for them to call. You don’t need to be in the app to receive the call.

If you haven't received a call after a few minutes, read what to do if your appointment is late.   


Video appointments

You’ll get an incoming video call from the clinician. Your device will need to be unlocked to view the video and for the clinician to see you.

If you have a bad video connection, the clinician will try calling your registered phone number.  

Find your registered phone number

View or change your registered phone number in the Babylon App.

  • Open Babylon
  • Tap Me icon (thul-F40178F8-2F87-40A1-B22EAB730AB3301B.jpg) on the Home screen
  • Select Account details
  • Your registered number is listed next to Phone
  • Tap Edit to change your registered number


Phone appointments

You’ll get a phone call from an 0330 phone number.

You can add Babylon to your contacts when you book an appointment so 'Babylon' appears as the caller ID.

Appointment reminders

Please ensure you have notifications turned on to receive appointment reminders. We'll send you an appointment reminder 1 hour before your appointment is due to start.

Turning your notifications on

  • Go to your phone’s settings.
  • Go to Notifications then Babylon.
  • Make sure notifications are turned on.

Read more about how to prepare for your appointment.

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